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 In today’s business structures, there is certainly nothing more valuable than an idea. The idea is ​​identity, is creativity, is valued competition, and is the only way to stay and compete and of course an idea is a point of connecting and sharing with our customers. At the Tadbir Pasargad Shargh Corporation, we are developing the most sophisticated and most innovative design and creation processes. To make sure we create a noncompetitive advantage for our customers. We appreciate the value of the idea and have enough expertise and knowledge to achieve it. Ideas that highlight both the strengths of our customers and give them a deeper meaning.

Unique and, of course, operational, ideas.

We believe that any campaign we design is part of a larger campaign, a campaign that represents ourselves as a creative advertising agency and we will not risk our own success. This means our priority is the customer, because our goal is always the sole and only success of the customer, and in this way, we use our full potential, expertise and credibility. For us, every single issue – even personal gain – in relation to the success of the customer is at a later stage.

We, first and foremost, study. Your history, your career, your services, your competitors, your goals, and after the end of this process, we will make your ad in the most ideal way possible. In Tadbir Pasargad Shargh, we offer the best and most qualified service for all your advertising needs.


Designing and running an advertising campaign / Advertising consulting / Performing marketing and marketing activities / Ideas and making ads / Measuring the effectiveness of advertising / Analyzing commercial advertising / Ideas and implementation of environmental advertising / Design and implementation of media and media campaigns